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Cashwerkz is the leading online platform in Australia uniquely designed for cash investing and is wholly-owned by Trustees Australia Limited (ASX: TAU).
Cashwerkz leverages the latest technology to deliver an innovative and streamlined approach to investing in At Call, Term Deposits and Bonds, meeting the growing demand for a trusted, reliable and secure online platform direct investors and financial professionals can manage their defensive assets and transact cash investments seamlessly.
The Australian-developed Cashwerkz platform provides self-managed super funds, financial planners, fund managers, the wholesale market, custodians, and superannuation funds with the ability to source market competitive interest rates in real-time and then to transact and manage cash allocations on an end-to-end secure platform.
The platform does not receive, handle or direct investor’s money: it facilitates the transfer of cash parcels between accounts held and controlled by the investor, their appointed adviser or custodian, via automated instructions to relevant parties. There is no fee payable by the investor. Cashwerkz receives a fee from the issuing ADI.

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Michael Hackett


Michael is the founding chairman and managing director of Trustees Australia when the company was incorporated in 1986. He was reappointed chairman in November 2010. He has considerable experience in managing and operating a wide range of businesses and property developments.

Nathan Leman


Nathan was appointed as a director on 24 November 2010. He is a qualified project manager with approximately 20 years hands-on experience in managing development, construction and technology acquisition and implementation projects. He is responsible for the design and implementation of property and IT projects for the Trustees Australia group, including those relating to financial services technology platforms. As a director of Trustees Australia, Nathan has been appointed to the boards of all of its subsidiary entities.

Brook Adcock


Brook has already had several successful careers and brings with him a vast array of knowledge and experience. He graduated from The Australian Defence Force Academy in 1986, was a RAAF Pilot until 1996, a Qantas Pilot until 2008, founded Pandora Jewellery Australia in 2004, and his own successful Private Investment Company in 2009. His leadership, knowledge of technology, forward-thinking, and administrative skills have positioned him at the vanguard of the current technology wave in Australia.

John Nantes


John holds three bachelor’s degrees in law, Commerce and Arts, as well as a Diploma of Financial Planning, and has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. He managed Australia’s largest SMSF business at Crowe Horwath with 10,000+ accounts and has directed businesses with assets of over $10 billion. He is now the responsible manager for Cashwerkz.